The Birean Civil War is a conflict within the country of Birea that began in 2017. On May 2, 2017, the Amazons, a paramilitary group that claims descent from the tribe of all-female warriors that dominated Greek and Roman mythology, bombed the Birean Capitol in Helene and killed the entire Birean government, including Emperor James Dowell. Days later, the Amazons destroyed the Capitol in New Hibernian and defeated the Birean force sent to defend it, allowing them to gain effective control of Timor. Following the Amazons' successful capture of Timor, several other groups rose up in Birea and claimed territory for themselves, the most prominent of which were the Bepenised Ones (affiliated with the Soldiers of the Lord) who claimed Warricksville and the entire island of Java and Irish paramilitants Eirinn Go Brach who claimed the island of Celebes, with the Birean military tenuously holding on to the rest.

As a result of the war, over 1 million Bireans, mostly men, have fled the country to various parts of the world, wishing to claim refugee status. Their plight has not come without resistance, as the American government refuses to allow admittance on the basis that they are "rapists" and other countries- such as Casara- believe the refugees are "surreptitious terrorists".

At A Glance Edit

Combatants Edit

  • Birean Military (strength estimated at over 2.5 million soldiers)
  • Amazons (strength estimated at over 50,000 soldiers)
  • Eirinn Go Brach (strength estimated at over 100,000 soldiers)
  • Bepenised Ones (strength estimated at over 200,000 soldiers)

Supporters Edit

Commanders Edit

  • Birean Military- Major General Scott MacFarlane
  • Amazons- The Blue Magic Woman
  • Eirinn Go Brach- Sinn Fein
  • Bepenised Ones- Nathanite Patriarch Jesse XII

Results Edit

  • Conflict is ongoing
  • Millions of Bireans have fled the country since the outbreak, putting strains on other countries' resources.

Capitol bombing Edit

At 10:02 local time, with Emperor James Dowell set to give his throne speech, multiple bombs went off inside the building, levelling it and killing all inside, including the Emperor and his entire immediate family. Panic soon set in around the Capitol, with confusion reigning over who was the Emperor's rightful successor, as Dowell had never specified who it was beyond his sons.

Soon afterward, several groups across Birea claimed to be the rightful successor to Dowell, with the Soldiers of the Lord even proclaiming their own, Joseph MacLeish, who ran the Soldiers' political party, the Bepenised Ones. At 11:17 local time, Birean Major General Scott MacFarlane, who led the Birean Army, declared Dowell's ten-year-old nephew Carey to be the rightful successor, although MacFarlane did not specify why. In so naming Carey, MacFarlane was able to claim regency over the Empire for himself, essentially turning the Birean Empire into a military dictatorship.

At 11:30 local time, a group of women known as the Amazons claimed responsibility. Days later, investigators determined that the female slaves that worked the Capitol conspired together to destroy it, using codewords and the help of their slavemaster, Kieran MacRogers, whose security clearance was needed in order to place the bombs. MacRogers, who died in the blast, was found to by investigators to have an interest in feminism as seen by searches made on his personal cell phone, which he kept at home.

Amazons Edit

On May 5, 2017 at 12:49 local time, the Amazons made their way to Timor and destroyed the New Hibernian Capitol Building. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Amazons were well-trained and were better equipped than the Birean military, and, after a series of battles, the Amazons laid effective claim to the island of Timor, with New Hibernian becoming their capital. Upon capturing the island, the Amazons immediately declared all marriages on the island to be null and void, and instituted a law banning the slavery of women "in all forms". The group carried out thousands of arrests, raids and even massacres to uphold their feminist-leaning agenda, which outside observers note is a "more extreme version of American laws".

The Amazons claim they are descendants of the ancient tribe of the same name, but analysis of the group suggests that they are a more modern creation (especially considering scholarly consensus of the ancient group is that they are largely a myth created by "women-fearing" thinkers of the day). Many Amazons appear to be former slaves held by Birean males, but some observers note that since their tactics and equipment appear based on American military resources, the Amazons are being secretly funded by the American government. American President Haylie Modine has called accusations of American involvement "baseless", but Modine was curiously silent in the immediate aftermath of the Helene Capitol Bombing.

Other combatants Edit

Following the Amazons' successful seizure of Timor, the Soldiers of the Lord used their forces and laid claim to the island of Java, running it through their political wing, the Bepenised Ones. The Soldiers then also claimed succession to the Birean government, asserting that the Soldiers and the Nathanite Patriarch Jesse XII held the sole responsibility to crown the Birean Emperor, which they had done so since Birea was formed in 1953.

In Celebes, the Irish paramilitary group Eirinn Go Brach successfully invaded and claimed the island on May 7. Eirinn Go Brach's leader, Sinn Fein, has been silent on his intentions after conquering Celebes, which some speculating that Feinn is simply using Celebes as a "base" for the group's other operations. Other than establishing martial law, Feinn has continued to uphold the old Birean laws and practices in the region, going as far as maintaining the old Birean administrators to keep the area from losing order.

Birean diaspora Edit

The greatest concern regarding the Birean Civil War is the Birean diaspora. Since the War broke out in early May, some one million Bireans, the vast majority of them being men, have left the country for other parts of the world, seeking to claim refugee status. The most affected countries in this regard are nearby Australia, the English Philippines and the Roman Pacific, although Birean refugees are known to have fled as far away as Casara. Currently, the only country that does not accept Birean refugees is America, who claim they are all "rapists", a statement which has been condemned by other world leaders.

Since the Civil War broke out, rumours of Birean "rape gangs" have surfaced, being operated by members of the diaspora at the behest of the Bepenised Ones. The official group denies any involvement in the gangs, although local police records indicate that rapists have claimed allegiance to the Bepenised Ones and are operating on their behalf. Skeptics of the rumour assert it is nothing more than a "moral panic", noting that the majority of the rumours begin with alt-left politicians and figures, noting that the Soldiers have operated rape gangs, more or less, under many different names since the paramilitary group's foundation.

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