Ireland is a small, economically devastated island confederation located in the northern Atlantic Ocean adjacent to the island of Great Britain. The island has a rich history having been inhabited since at least 10,000 BC and has seen its fair share of powerful kingdoms (most notably that of Brian Boru (1002-1014), known to the Irish as the "first Irish king"), but more recent times have seen the island conquered by foreign powers (first Britain and then America) before devolving into total anarchy shortly after World War III. A republic was declared on August 9, 1994 and elections were held for the first Irish President, but the elections soon turned contentious and the island plunged into civil war.

That conflict- known as the Booze Wars outside of Ireland as the main belligerents are liquor magnates (although not every faction is tied to an alcoholic brand)- continues to this day. Over 10,000 factions are known to be participants in the war, and none possess territories wider than a few city blocks or control a population over 20,000 people. The Irish Republican Army (IRA)- the faction that controls the Capitol Building in Dublin- and Eirinn Go Brach (ERG) (who control the port of Wexford) are the best known of the factions in the war as both have international operations, leading to both groups being declared as terrorist organizations worldwide.

The war has led to millions of Irish people fleeing the country, creating a significant diaspora population worldwide. The Irish diaspora has spread to many different countries, with a population that has exceeded the population of the island itself. Many within the diaspora left the island in a bid to find better working conditions for themselves and their families, but even in their new country, the Irish diaspora tends to be among the poorest in the nation, as countries view the diaspora as "cheap labour". The diaspora is also known for its fervent nationalism, meaning the Irish often clash with the rest of the people in their adopted country. Thus, they have become a significant minority group across the world, which has created several social and political challenges.

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