The Mexican Federation of Republics (Spanish: Federación Mexicana de Repúblicas) is a large territory in Central America located south of the North American continent. De jure it is a federal republic with a President at its helm, but de facto (since 1994), it is a collection of warring states that pledge nominal recognition to the central government, with some states asserting their independence. Since many of the states are run and fuelled by the narcotics trade, the territory of Mexico is often derisively called the "Drug Republics", with the local cartels providing the area's practical authority.

Mexico's capital is Mexico City, but the most powerful states- and the real centre of power- are Sinaloa (capital Mazatlan) and Jalisco (capital Guadalajara). Since the Collapse of the Spanish Republic following the death of Francisco Franco and Spain's devolution into sprawling city states before its eventual conquest by Carthage, Mexico is the largest Spanish-majority nation in the world and is seen as its promoter, although given the state of the territory it is not known how effective they are in the latter area.